Instruments and Bows for Advancing Students
Copy of Peter Guarneri of Venice 1735. From the bench of Guy Cole.
Violins and violas from the Avalon Studio of Guy and Julia Cole. Beautifully antiqued, these instruments are powerful and responsive, with focused, yet complex tone. Also available are "Garibaldo Fresca" labelled instruments from the early 20th century. They have been regraduated, rebarred, antiqued and set up in my shop for the warm, open character that players seek in an older instrument.

Garibaldo Fresca Violins

Avalon Studio Violins and Violas

French and German instruments from the late 19th century through mid-20th century are also available.

Pernambuco bows from Arcos Brasil are pre-tested for optimal playing qualities and a refined sound that brings out the best in an instrument. Older bows from respected German makers are also available.

Spiccato carbon-fiber bows are extremely stable and durable, play easily, and produce a clear, focused sound.

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