Tom King Violins

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American makers have ben at the forefront of a renaissance in violin making, thanks to their dedication to high craftsmanship and a willingness to work with players. Tom King's beautifully antiqued instruments will help you move audiences with stirring performances.

"I find Tom King's beautifully crafted violins to be extremely resonant and a pleasure to play. His instruments offer a variety of interesting colors, a rare attribute for newly made violins. Bravo!"

—David Salness, Associate Professor and Head of Chamber Music Studies, University of Maryland. Member of the Left Bank Quartet.

"The violins of Alvin Thomas King are works of art, indeed. They are precise in workmanship, and each detail shows care and craftsmanship. The finish is rich in color and luminosity—a pleasure to see."

—John Kendall, Professor Emeritus, So. Illinois University at Edwardsville

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